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Production: Six Plays From The '65-'66 European Tour (1966)

Identifier: PROD.1966.0015
Description: The six plays were paired and one pair was shown each night of the run, as follows:
  • March 9-12: "Birdbath" and "War"
  • March 13-16: "Thank You, Miss Victoria" and "This is the Rill Speaking" 
  • March 17-20: "The Recluse" and "Chicago"

Related Entities
La Mama Repertory Troupe (performer)
Leonard Melfi (playwright)
Jean-Claude van Itallie (playwright)
William Hoffman (playwright)
Lanford Wilson (playwright)
Paul Foster (playwright)
Sam Shepard (playwright)
Tom Solari (tech)
Robert Margouleff (designer)
Loren Bloom (tech)
Timothy Oksman (tech)
Esther Gilman (contributor)
Tania Leontov (contributor)
Sylvie Papernik (performer)
Tom O'Horgan (director)
Pierre LeDoux (tech)
Jacque Lynn Colton (performer)
Michael Warren Powell (performer)
Kevin O'Connor (performer)
Victor LiPari (performer)
Mari-Claire Charba (performer)
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122 Second Avenue
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