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Production: ETC Company in Spoleto (1972)

Identifier: PROD.1972.0079
Description: "The Only Jealousy of Emer" and "Renard": June 23, 27
"Getrude" and "Demon": June 24, 29
"Carmilla": June 25, 30
--Program for ETC Company in Spoleto (1972) [OBJ.1972.0504]
Related Entities
The ETC Company of La MaMa (performer)
William Butler Yeats (playwright)
Barbara Benary (music)
Murrell Gehman (performer)
Margaret Benczak (performer)
William Finley (performer)
Donald Arrington (performer)
Susan Topping (performer)
Camille Tibaldeo (performer)
Sandra Johnson (performer)
John Braswell (performer)
Bill Elliott (performer)
Zizi Mueller (performer)
Richard Cohen (performer)
Dean Kelso (performer)
Glen Velez (performer)
Charles Madden (performer)
Ed DiLello (performer)
Charles Embry (performer)
Wilford Leach (director)
John Braswell (director)
Zizi Mueller (music)
Marty Kapell (set design)
Peter Bengston (sound)
Charles Embry (tech)
Mitchell Kurtz (tech)
Richard Schroeder (lighting designer)
Igor Stravinsky (playwright)
Wilford Leach (playwright)
Ben Johnston (music)
James Cuomo (music)
Bill Elliott (music)
John Braswell (music)
Richard Laws (costumes)
Jack Coddington (designer)
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