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Production: La MaMa Repertory Troupe at Edinburgh International Festival (1967)

Identifier: PROD.1967.0045
Description: The troupe's performance schedule at this festival was as follows: August 21-30 at The Barrie Halls: "Four Plays in Repertoire: 'Futz,' 'Times Square,' 'Melodrama Play,' and 'Untitled'." And September 4-9: "Tom Paine" (the world premiere of the full show) at The Churchill Theatre. 
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Paul Foster (playwright)
Tom O'Horgan (director)
La Mama Repertory Troupe (performer)
Leonard Melfi (playwright)
Rochelle Owens (playwright)
Sam Shepard (playwright)
Lanford Wilson (playwright)
Laura Rambaldi (lighting designer)
Steve Whitson (tech)
Claris Erickson (performer)
John Bakos (performer)
Beth Porter (performer)
Seth Allen (performer)
Michael Warren Powell (performer)
Peter Craig (performer)
Mari-Claire Charba (performer)
Robert Thirkield (performer)
Victor LiPari (performer)
Marilyn Roberts (performer)
Jerry Cunliffe (performer)
Kevin O'Connor (performer)
Tom O'Horgan (composer)
Hamish Henderson (set design)
Andre Tammes (lighting designer)
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