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Production: Off-Broadway Theatre Evening in Paris (1965)

Identifier: PROD.1965.0046
Description: The second piece performed in this production was an excerpt from "Tramping Out the Vintage" called "Intermission."
Related Entities
Jacque Lynn Colton (director)
David Starkweather (playwright)
Jacque Lynn Colton (performer)
Daniel Mauroc (playwright)
Nancy Cole (performer)
Steig Holmgren (performer)
Dominique Serreau (performer)
Mari-Claire Charba (performer)
Mike Wolfson (performer)
Ian Ward (performer)
Tom Eyen (playwright)
Dominique Serreau (tech)
Mike Wolfson (lighting designer)
Mike Wolfson (tech)
Alan Charles Rosenkoetter (music)
Robert Chilton (designer)
Cordley Coit (documenter)
John Wilson (Paris) (performer)
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