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Production: Judith And The Cohen Sisters In Midnight In Manhattan (1984)

Identifier: PROD.1984.0063
Description: This night included covers of songs by the Pointer Sisters, Janice Ian, and Peter Gabriel, among others. 
Related Entities
Judith Cohen (performer)
Lynda Joy (performer)
Christine Rubens (performer)
Andre de Shields (director)
Andre de Shields (author)
Joel Silberman (music)
Judith Cohen (author)
Chico Kasinoir (costumes)
Ronald Joseph (lighting designer)
Eric Achacoso (tech)
Joshua Michaels (performer)
Jean-claude Robin (contributor)
Mardi Phillips (contributor)
Robert Grillo (tech)
Alan Frutkin (tech)
Bob Jahn (tech)
Bruce Edwards (designer)
Merle Frimark (contributor)
Rick Richardson (curator)
Black Goat Entertainment (producer)
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