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Production: International Wrestling Match: An Old Testament Morality Play In Two Vengeful Acts, The (1969)

Identifier: PROD.1969.0001
Related Entities
Jeffrey Weiss (playwright)
Ricardo Martinez (designer)
Jeffrey Weiss (performer)
Ricardo Martinez (director)
Richard Portnow (performer)
Ethan Miller (performer)
Susan Hoover (performer)
Lynda Westcott (performer)
Maxine McCrey (performer)
Charles Maggiore (performer)
Ruth Brandeis (performer)
Jan Voeller (performer)
Tom Eatman (performer)
Bruce Israel (performer)
Bertrand R Madore (performer)
David Walker (music)
Lee Levine (designer)
Charles Seaver (tech)
Eugenia Louis (documenter)
Ford Foundation (contributor)
Sapolin Paints (contributor)
Bowl And Board (contributor)
Jules Weiss (contributor)
Anne Weiss (contributor)
Harold Cohen (contributor)
Mrs Harold Cohen (contributor)
Paul Cranefield (contributor)
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