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Production: Dark And Mr. Stone, The; Part 2, Murder In The Magnolias (1985)

Identifier: PROD.1985.0040
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Sylvain L'Hermitte (director)
Paul Foster (author)
Alkiviades Steriopolos (music)
Kevin O'Connor (performer)
Vernon Morris (performer)
Kimberly Bruce (performer)
Paul Murray (performer)
Kit Latham (performer)
Ken Gold (performer)
Evelyn Tuths (performer)
Maurice McClelland (set design)
Howard Thies (lighting designer)
Lou Zeldis (costumes)
Gabriel Berry (costumes)
Josephina Monter (costumes)
Frazier Filer (tech)
Gene Carey (tech)
Roberto Guidote (tech)
Marie Helene Reynaud (tech)
Dan Ziegler (sound)