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Production: Madonna In The Orchard, The (1965)

Identifier: PROD.1965.0041
Related Entities
Paul Foster (playwright)
Lawrence Sacharow (director)
John Herbert McDowell (music)
Don Blakely (performer)
George Bartenieff (performer)
Hector Elizondo (performer)
Jack Aaron (performer)
Crystal Field (performer)
Walter Michael Harris (performer)
Joyce Aaron (performer)
Fred Forrest (performer)
Yolande Bavan (performer)
Clay Haney (performer)
Christopher Jones (performer)
George McGrath (performer)
Blanche Dee (performer)
Harvey Keitel (performer)
Karl Schenzer (performer)
Walter Burns (performer)
Hortense Alden (performer)
David Tice (music)
Ellen Stewart (costumes)
Lee Levine (lighting designer)
Stanley Rosenberg (lighting designer)
Jeanne Lanson (worked for)
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122 Second Avenue