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Special Event: World Theatre Week Celebration (1983)

Identifier: SP.1983.0002
Description: Held in conjunction with the "Conference on Communications Technology and Traditional Cultures in Support of Population and Development" sponsored by FACE/TWITAS at the United Nations.
S. Lipkin
Related Entities
TWITAS (producer)
FACE (producer)
Ford Foundation (contributor)
Asia Foundation (contributor)
New York State Council On The Arts (contributor)
Japan-United States Friendship Commission (contributor)
United States Information Agency (contributor)
Pan Am (contributor)
Hazel Bryant (related to)
Cecile Guidote-Alvarez (director)
Pepe Barcega (worked for)
Marybeth Ward (worked for)
Marlene Pitkow (worked for)
Maria Luiza Jatoba (worked for)
Blu (lighting designer)
Roberto Guidote (tech)
Howard Thies (tech)
Rudy Hermano (tech)
Eric Achacoso (tech)
Michiko Swift (tech)
Annette Mikkelsen (tech)
Amy Berkman (tech)
Gela Legasto (tech)
Melvi Pacubas (tech)
Icktoy Reyes (tech)
Angel Grey Domingo (tech)
Mavash Liyaghat (tech)
Noriko Gines (tech)
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