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Production: American Mysteries, The (1983)

Identifier: PROD.1983.0004
Description: "The American Mysteries" is a play written and directed by Matthew Maguire, the co-artistic director of Creation Theater Company. The piece, blending American detective stories and Greek mysteries, was presented by Creation and produced at La MaMa in 1983. It includes original choral music composed from the works of Aeschylus, Euripides, and Sappho, among other writers. 

Additional objects related to this production include production photographs taken by Jerry Vezzuso [OBJ.1983.0312], a show program [OBJ.1983.0023], and additional records related to this production. 
Related Entities
Creation (contributor)
Matthew Maguire (director)
Glenn Branca (music)
Vito Ricci (music)
Rashied Ali (music)
Clodagh Simonds (music)
Brian Eno (music)
Elizabeth Diller (set design)
Amy Richards (lighting designer)
Kim Druce (costumes)
Ann Rower (contributor)
Jeffrey Webster (sound)
Peter Lodell (performer)
Joanne Munisteri (performer)
Tibor Feldman (performer)
Lenard Petit (performer)
David Finck (performer)
Kim Saunders (performer)
Andrew Arnault (performer)
M Harris (performer)
Valerie Gunderson (tech)
Mark S Henry (tech)
Erika Stambler (tech)
Richard Curtis (designer)
Nancy Campbell (documenter)
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74A East 4th Street
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Walker Art Center