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Production: Night Before Christmas, The (1982)

Identifier: PROD.1982.0041
Related Entities
Clement C Moore (author)
Gretchen Green (performer)
Gina Romano (performer)
Patrice Andrews (performer)
Anna Healy (performer)
Tim Healy (performer)
Anthony Asbury (performer)
Dorese Huff (performer)
Michael Arian (performer)
Chris Carter (related to)
Eugene Romano (related to)
John Braden (related to)
Pete Rosetta (related to)
Surf Woman (related to)
Naseer El-Kadi (related to)
John Vaccaro (related to)
Alan Lampel (related to)
Jun Maeda (related to)
People Puppets And Other Dummies (performer)
Related La MaMa Venue
74A East 4th Street