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Production: "The National Dance Theatre Of Zaire In 'Nkenge'" (1981)

Identifier: PROD.1981.0040
Description: Performed with the Isiga Dancers
Related Entities
TWITAS (producer)
Mobyem Mikanza (director)
Ngonda Bagonda (contributor)
Mokio Mongili (performer)
Majamu Katende (performer)
Somolo Goga (performer)
Tolola Bampompo (performer)
Nkumina Ntote (performer)
Salwindi Nyembo (performer)
Muganza Bisanga (performer)
Mwamba Mulunda (performer)
Antenge Azebola (performer)
Wawina Lifeteke (performer)
Musongi Masoji (performer)
Lokoto Basangela (performer)
Wazungu Bilengo (performer)
Vangu Nzuzi (performer)
Ngeleka Kandanda (performer)
Mulanda Itumba (performer)
Mwaya Nzau (performer)
Tambasani Bilengo (performer)
Etenso Langum (performer)
Metela Lumwanga (performer)
Kandolo Panya (performer)
Falashi Kufuta (performer)
Mukidi Tangwa (performer)
Kumanda Fundji (performer)
Jun Maeda (set design)
David Adams (tech)
Mark Tambella (tech)
Walter Manley (worked for)
Elsie Augustave (worked for)
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