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Production: Recent Ruins (1979)

Identifier: PROD.1979.0050
Related Entities
Meredith Monk (playwright)
Meredith Monk (director)
Meredith Monk (performer)
Andrea Goodman (performer)
Monica Solem (performer)
Paul Langland (performer)
Ray Morrison (performer)
Robert Een (performer)
Meredith Monk (music)
Meredith Monk (choreographer)
Lee Nagrin (performer)
Gail Turner (performer)
Tone Blevins (performer)
Mary Shultz (performer)
Ralph Lemon (performer)
Ellen Fisher (performer)
Monica Moseley (performer)
Carl Goldhagen (designer)
Pablo Vela (performer)
Joanne Brotman (performer)
Sparrow Chiorando (performer)
Naima Chiorando (performer)
Erin Chiorando (performer)
Steve Clorfeine (performer)
Blondell Cummings (performer)
Gary Goodwin (performer)
Pauline Hutton (performer)
Anne Lemieux (performer)
Asia Linn (performer)
Hjordis Linn (performer)
Jan Messer (performer)
Amparo Rossello (performer)
Elizabeth Schwartz (performer)
John Sennhauser (performer)
Barbara Sheck (performer)
Julie Simpson (performer)
Thomas Singer (performer)
Daniel Stein (performer)
Daniel Ira Sverdlik (performer)
Dale Woodland (performer)
Jerilea Zempel (performer)
Tony Giovanetti (lighting designer)
Jerilea Zempel (designer)
Ellen Fisher (costumes)
Steve Clorfeine (costumes)
Ping Chong (contributor)
Kaylynn Sullivan (contributor)
Julius Eastman (performer)
Marty Balk (tech)
Jerry Pantzer (documenter)
Win Hoover (tech)
David Lerner (worked for)
Robert Rosen (contributor)
Amram Nowak Associates, Inc (worked for)
Kim Novick (tech)
Connie Schrader (tech)
Tom DeFranco (sound)
The House (producer)
Blu (tech)
Bill Douw (tech)
Holly Erwin (tech)
Patrick Kelly (tech)
Josh Orzeck (tech)
John Pender (tech)
Rick Pettit (tech)
National Endowment For The Arts (contributor)
New York State Council On The Arts (contributor)
Ford Foundation (contributor)
Peg Santvoord Foundation (contributor)
Shubert Foundation (contributor)
John-Michael Tebelak (contributor)
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