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Production: Fragments Of A Trilogy: "The Trojan Women" And "Electra" (1978)

Identifier: PROD.1978.0015
Description: These performances were dedicated to Ninon Tallon Karlweis.
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Andrei Serban (director)
Elizabeth Swados (music)
Mimi Locadio (performer)
Valois Mickens (performer)
Priscilla Smith (performer)
Joanna Peled (performer)
Peter Jon De Vries (performer)
Neal Harris (performer)
Lamar Alford (performer)
Stuart Baker-Bergen (performer)
Rosemary Jeanes (performer)
Jerry Cunliffe (performer)
James Siering (performer)
Bruce Adgate (performer)
Rolando Salva (performer)
Frances Ellen Thorpe (performer)
Ted Lambert (performer)
Bill Ruyle (performer)
Paul Harris (performer)
Zizi Mueller (performer)
Peter Zummo (performer)
Patrick Burke (performer)
William Duffy (performer)
Onni Johnson (performer)
William Puyle (performer)
Jun Maeda (set design)
Larry Steckman (lighting designer)
Sandra Muir (costumes)
Richard Jakiel (tech)
Gary Blumsack (tech)
Rick Shannin (tech)
Bob Laconi (tech)
Charles Embry (tech)
Sharon Lynch (tech)
New York State Council On The Arts (contributor)
National Endowment For The Arts (contributor)
Ford Foundation (contributor)
Shubert Foundation (contributor)
Peg Santvoord Foundation (contributor)
Ninon Tallon Karlweis (related to)
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