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Production: Sixty Minute Queer Show, The (1977)

Identifier: PROD.1977.0033
Related Entities
The Playhouse of the Ridiculous (adapter)
Kenneth Bernard (author)
John Braden (music)
John Vaccaro (director)
Pam Allison (performer)
Kevin Bradigan (performer)
Debra Greenfield (performer)
Renos Mandis (performer)
Marie Antoinette (performer)
Anthony Zanetta (performer)
Michael Arian (performer)
Gordon Bressac (performer)
Chris Kapp (performer)
Leslie Potter (performer)
John Byron Thomas (performer)
Didi Charney (performer)
Bobby Kent (performer)
Mark Ravi (set design)
Barry Arnold (lighting designer)
Bernard Roth (costumes)
Michael Arian (choreographer)
Joseph Peroni (contributor)
Kenn Hill (related to)