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Production: "Prince Hamyul (Hamlet)" and "Tae (The Cycle)" (1977)

Identifier: PROD.1977.0020
Related Entities
Min Soo Ahn (director)
Yong Man Kim (music)
Chang Soon Byun (costumes)
Eui Paik (designer)
Min Soo Ahn (lighting designer)
Duk-Hyung Yoo (lighting designer)
Jun Maeda (set design)
Duk-Hyung Yoo (producer)
Dong Nang Repertory Company (contributor)
TWITAS (related to)
Koo Shin (performer)
In Hyung Yoo Ahn (performer)
Moo Song Chun (performer)
Ki Joo Kim (performer)
Ho Jae Lee (performer)
Ae Joo Lee (performer)
U Hyung Yum (performer)
Jong Koo Kim (performer)
Si Won Kim (performer)
David Oyama (performer)
Alan Lampel (performer)
Yong Nan Kim (performer)
Ricci Reyes (performer)
Hyung In Choi (performer)
Richard Ng (performer)
Byung Chul Yoon (performer)
Yong Soo Kim (performer)
Hae Sook Paik (performer)
Jung Ja Kang (performer)
Hojai Lee (performer)
Gong Koo Kim (performer)
Jong Soo Kim (performer)
David Adams (tech)
Rene Sanfiorenzo (tech)
Virgilio Catoy (related to)
Les Banda (related to)
John Braden (related to)
Mickey Perez (related to)
Stephen Simpson Welles (related to)
Stalin Gasein (related to)
Howard Atlee (related to)
Clarence Alsopp (related to)
Becky Flora (related to)
Kap-Soon Park (related to)
Cecile Guidote-Alvarez (related to)
Melvi Pacubas (related to)
Len Santos (related to)
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