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Production: America Hurrah: 3 Views of the U.S.A. (1966-1968)

Identifier: PROD.1966.0001
Related Entities
Jean-Claude van Itallie (playwright)
Joseph Chaikin (director)
Jacques Levy (director)
Joyce Aaron (performer)
James Barbosa (performer)
Henry Calvert (performer)
Conard Fowkes (adapter)
Ronnie Gilbert (performer)
Cynthia Harris (performer)
Bill Macy (performer)
Brenda Smiley (performer)
Ruth White (performer)
Marianne De Pury (music)
James E Dwyer (designer)
Ken Glickfeld (designer)
Tania Leontov (designer)
Beckie Cunningham (contributor)
Francisca Duran-Reynals (designer)
The Mushrooms (music)
Stephanie Sills (producer)
Warren Pincus (contributor)
Phill Niblock (documenter)
Martin Bough (documenter)
John Vaccaro (box office)
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