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Production: Orfei (1986)

Identifier: PROD.1986.0001
Description: The production owes much of its power to its rich score, composed by Genji Ito for an extraordinary variety of traditional folk and modern electronic instruments. Susann Diehm and Yukio Tsuji have contributed improvisational sound. Miss Diehm's chants, murmurings and harsh, heart-rending cries carry the stage action along in an impressive performance.
Maureen Williams wafts the performers about the stage in movement that is often a little too soft-edged and improvised-looking. Miss Williams is a radiant Eurydice, however, and performs with a good lead cast that includes Chris Odo as a rapacious serpent and Donald Byrd as an intent Jason. But Theophile Zadith nearly steals the show as a sinuous, exalted Orfei. A character full of mystery, his silent song seems intended to summon song from all whom he encounters here.

-- "Dance: Eurydice Myth in La MaMa's 'Orfei'," Jennifer Dunning, March 9, 1986, New York Times
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Ellen Stewart (director)
Susann Diehm (music)
Yukio Tsuji (music)
Jun Maeda (set design)
David Adams (lighting designer)
Eiko Yamaguchi (costumes)
Gretchen Green (costumes)
Ralph Lee (costumes)
East First Street Music Workshop (producer)
Theophile Zadith (performer)
Maureen Williams (performer)
Chris Odo (performer)
Mike Braganza (performer)
Donald Byrd (performer)
Susann Diehm (performer)
Themis Bazaka (performer)
Amy Berkman (performer)
Nimrod Fried (performer)
Onni Johnson (performer)
Jody Kruskal (performer)
Marisa Madrone (performer)
Miguel Perez (tech)
Angel Prado (tech)
Stephen Loebel (tech)
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