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Special Event: Cracker Club Country Fair Gala (1976)

Identifier: SP.1976.0002
Description: This Gala featured square dancers The Hoe Downs and caller Piute Pete, in addition to portions of other works previously performed at La MaMa and "Friday Night Songs".
J Sandy
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David Chandler (performer)
Marilyn Cooper (performer)
Meg Durham (performer)
Dennis Harrison (performer)
Kate Charles (performer)
Ed Durham (performer)
Frank Edwards (performer)
Karen Litton (performer)
The Hoe-Downs (contributor)
Piute Pete (performer)
Jim Morrison (performer)
Paul Foster (contributor)
John Braden (music)
Marcia McClaine (performer)
David Patrick Kelly (performer)
Denise Rogers (performer)
Genya Raven (performer)
Caroline Dutton (performer)
Leonard Melfi (contributor)
Margaret Tien (performer)
Deborah Rush (performer)
Greg Antonacci (contributor)
Joel Zwick (director)
Ronnie Baker (music)
Carol Oditz (costumes)
Greg Antonacci (performer)
Ronnie Baker (performer)
Ellyn Long (performer)
Soni Moreno (performer)
Lois Young (performer)
Elizabeth Swados (music)
Joanna Peled (music)
Judith Fleisher (music)
Hedy West (performer)
The Cracker Club Band (performer)
Bobby Kent (performer)
John Scheimmel (performer)
Mike Esterowitz (performer)
Steve Tannenbaum (performer)
Dan Carter (performer)
Eric Concklin (contributor)
Les Banda (contributor)
David Adams (lighting designer)
Jun Maeda (set design)
Tom Brook (sound)
Charles Daffi (tech)
John Paskalis (tech)
Michael Crawford (tech)
Charles Embry (tech)
Ford Foundation (contributor)
New York State Council On The Arts (contributor)
National Endowment For The Arts (contributor)
Shubert Foundation (contributor)
Peg Santvoord Foundation (contributor)
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