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Production: Cotton Club Gala (1975b)

Identifier: PROD.1975.0026
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The Original Hoofers (performer)
Buster Brown (performer)
Ralph Brown (performer)
Lon Chaney (performer)
Chuck Green (performer)
Raymond Kaalund (performer)
Jimmy Slyde (performer)
Aaron Bell (performer)
Ellington Alumni (performer)
Larl Becham (performer)
Les Soubrettes (performer)
Tony Azito (performer)
Denise Rogers (performer)
David Adams (lighting designer)
Eric Concklin (contributor)
Harold Ashby (performer)
Arlene Rolant (performer)
Terrie Taylor (performer)
Al Lucas (performer)
Frank Wess (performer)
Francis Williams (performer)
Tad Truesdale (tech)
Valois Mickens (performer)
Sherri Brewer (performer)
Marilyn Amaral (performer)
Marcia McBroom (performer)
Lois Hayes (performer)
Joyce Griffin (performer)
Yvette Johnson (performer)
Ming Smith (performer)
Buddy Terry (performer)
Nancy Steimel (costumes)
Charles Persip (performer)
Daniel Barjanos (performer)
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