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Production: Thoughts (1974)

Identifier: PROD.1974.0038
Description: Presented by the Jarboro Players. After appearing at La MaMa, this production toured to Caracas, Venezuela for the Theatre of the Nations Festival.
Related Entities
Lamar Alford (author)
Megan Terry (contributor)
Jose Tapia (contributor)
John Hason (contributor)
Sarah Allen (contributor)
David Adams (lighting designer)
William Carey (tech)
Lamar Alford (performer)
Jean Andalman (performer)
Babafumi Akunyun (performer)
Donald Arrington (performer)
Charlotte Crossley (performer)
Andre de Shields (performer)
Andre de Shields (choreographer)
Baruk Levi (performer)
Robert Molock (performer)
Janette Moody (performer)
Lynn Oliver (performer)
Howard Porter (performer)
Bessye Ruth Scott (performer)
Sarah Allen (performer)
Ken Sullivan (performer)
Jarboro Players (performer)
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