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Production: Mr. Jello (1974)

Identifier: PROD.1974.0023
Description: "A reworking of a shorter drama... [The cast includes] a drag queen, a young, straight sociology student, a hippie who has embraced Krishna and drugs, and a lecherous pervert named Mr. Jello who hires a prostitute to help him enact sexual fantasies."
Source: Review and casting call for "Mr. Jello" (1974) [OBJ.1974.0102]
Related Entities
George Birimisa (director)
James Carroza (music)
Richard Granat (music)
David Patrick Kelly (music)
Kathleen Burns (performer)
Dan Leach (performer)
David Patrick Kelly (performer)
Raymond Serra (performer)
Barbara Bauer (performer)
Debbie Andrews (performer)
Alexandra Ivanytsky (costumes)
Cynthia Geis (costumes)
Joe Digiorgio (designer)
Charles Embry (lighting designer)
Sandy Cohen (tech)
Rockefeller Foundation (contributor)
New York State Council On The Arts (contributor)
Ford Foundation (contributor)
National Endowment For The Arts (contributor)
Shubert Foundation (contributor)
George Birimisa (playwright)
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Mr. Jello
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