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Special Event: The La MaMa Benefit For Chilean Refugees (1974)

Identifier: SP.1974.0001
Description: This event was organized by Elizabeth Swados and Artistic Coordinators Nelly Vivas and Ozzie Rodriguez. The production included dance, music, theater, and film by a wide variety of artists. Among others, these included “Homage to Chile” by the Alejandra Dondines Latin American Folkloric Dance Co., the Native American Theatre Ensemble of La MaMa E.T.C. in “The Land Remembers” directed by Ozzie Rodriguez, Jimmy Miller, “Song Cycle” written by Elizabeth Swados and sung by Michelle Collison that was based on the poetry of Pablo Neruda and newspaper articles, and screenings of “I am Pablo Neruda” by Harold Mantell and “The Tempest” by Peter Brooks.
Related Entities
David Adams (lighting designer)
Nelly Vivas (producer)
Oscar Benvenuto (performer)
Ozzie Rodriguez (producer)
Oscar Benvenuto, Jr. (performer)
Joseph Blunt (music)
Carmen Carello (performer)
Michele Collison (performer)
Alejandra Dondines (choreographer)
Jean Genet (contributor)
Nancy Heikin (performer)
Esmeralda Hidalgo (performer)
Amparo Hidalgo (performer)
Native American Theatre Ensemble (performer)
Kenn Hill (tech)
Marcia Keegan (contributor)
Alan Kirschenbaum (performer)
Latin American Folkloric Dance Company (performer)
Margo LaZaro (contributor)
Luis Leal (performer)
Ann Lindenbaum (contributor)
Odilia Parodi (performer)
Ozzie Rodriguez (director)
Guzman Parodi (performer)
Victor Pew (contributor)
Ricardo Rodriguez (performer)
Luis Romero (performer)
Ruth Escobar Theatre Of Brazil (performer)
John Schimmel (performer)
Jeff Schon (tech)
Jon Silberman (music)
Elizabeth Swados (contributor)
June Tehllats (performer)
Michael Trammel (tech)
Jeff Waxman (performer)
George Willis (performer)
Ozzie Rodriguez (adapter)