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Production: City of Light (1973)

Identifier: PROD.1973.0007
Description: A light show conceived/directed by John Patrick Dodd.
Related Entities
John Dodd (director)
Lucy Silvay (performer)
Charles Stanley (performer)
John Herbert McDowell (music)
Terence Thomas (music)
Michael Smith (performer)
Ken Wollitz (performer)
Bill Gamble (designer)
Joanna Schielke (designer)
Terence Thomas (sound)
Steve Whitson (lighting designer)
Charles Terrel (set design)
Barbara Kopit (designer)
Charles Terrel (tech)
Dave McCann (tech)
Joe D (tech)
Russell Krum (tech)
Kenneth Burgess (designer)
John D Andreadakus (designer)
David J Hawthorne (tech)
Rockefeller Foundation (contributor)
Ford Foundation (contributor)
New York State Council On The Arts (contributor)
National Endowment For The Arts (contributor)
Jack Hannigan (contributor)
John Vaccaro (contributor)
Charles Terrel (contributor)
Susan Haskins (contributor)
Robert Plunket (contributor)
Remy Charlip (contributor)
Amnon Ben Nomis (contributor)
Kenneth Burgess (contributor)
David Adams (contributor)
Charlie Prior (contributor)
Ray Vishnevsky (contributor)
George Dorsch (contributor)
Joanna Schielke (contributor)
Jerry Marcel (contributor)
Joyce Marcel (contributor)
Andy Solloway (contributor)
Geoff Hendricks (contributor)
James D. Gossage (contributor)
Diane Di Prima (contributor)
Donald L. Brooks (contributor)
Allan Marlowe (contributor)
Kenneth Chalk (contributor)
Bill Gamble (contributor)
W M Lewis (contributor)
Charles Stanley (contributor)
Danny Adams (contributor)
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