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Production: Audition! (1972)

Identifier: PROD.1972.0059
Description: For the December dates of this production, Suzanne Foster replaced Rebecca Gilchrist as a performer and Cal Yeomans replaced Susu Jacobs as stage manager.
Related Entities
Stephen Holt (playwright)
Stephen Holt (author)
John Braden (author)
John Braden (music)
Suzanne Foster (director)
John Dodd (lighting designer)
Rebecca Gilchrist (performer)
Stephan Burns (performer)
Phyllis Murphy (performer)
Agosto Machado (performer)
Kevin Geer (performer)
Joan Waters (performer)
Gordon Keyes (performer)
Martha Whitehead (performer)
Stephen Holt (performer)
Janis Jablecki (performer)
Phyllis MacBryde (choreographer)
Susan Stewart (choreographer)
Susu Jacobs (tech)
Dennis Birchall (director)
Jeff Waxman (performer)
David Zeliff (performer)
John Braden (performer)
Dave McCann (tech)
Joseph Ditrinlo (tech)
Charlene Randall (costumes)
Jack D'Agenais (costumes)
Cal Yeomans (tech)
Suzanne Foster (performer)
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