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Production: Satyricon (1972)

Identifier: PROD.1972.0041
Related Entities
Paul Foster (playwright)
John Vaccaro (director)
The Playhouse of the Ridiculous (performer)
Agosto Del Rio (performer)
David Lucas (performer)
Bela Boxx (performer)
Sara Toga (performer)
Ahmed Bizarre (performer)
Donald Dutch (performer)
Herndon Ely (performer)
Golda Rush (performer)
Robin Pennings (performer)
Benton Quin (performer)
Charles Stanley (performer)
Marie Antoinette (performer)
Sir Cyril Ree (performer)
Carolyn Lord (performer)
Ponce Nest (performer)
Monica Schickelgruber (performer)
Anita Cox (performer)
Sylva Fornicata (performer)
Isadora Doughnut (performer)
Robespierres Firesflys (performer)
Petite Poi (performer)
Dee Flowers (performer)
Fonda Cox (performer)
Allan Stuart (performer)
Gypsy Cab (contributor)
John Dodd (lighting designer)
Michael Trammel (tech)
Anne Of A Thousand Lightbulbs (tech)
Carl More (tech)
Ancient Rome (set design)
Joseph Peroni (designer)
Jacques Brouwers (designer)
Robin Pennings (designer)
Bill Gamble (documenter)
Rockefeller Foundation (contributor)
Ford Foundation (contributor)
National Council On The Arts (contributor)
New York State Council On The Arts (contributor)
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