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Production: Maids, The (1965)

Identifier: PROD.1965.0001
Description: Ten months after O’Horgan’s first staged “The Maids,” La MaMa once again revived it. One reviewer noted that this version was “revised and expanded.” This time, the action occurred “behind a thin screen and one gets the image of a superimposition of reality upon reality until the structure itself takes on a baroque and unreal effect.” (Village Voice, August 26, 1965) This critic continued: “The staging is beautifully conceived and executed” and “Tom O’Horgan has done a masterful job.” 

Photographer James Gossage remembered the opening scenes of the production this way: "While the audience was being seated, the actors performing as the maids appeared on stage in their street clothes over bathing suits and proceeded to change into their costumes."
--"Off Off-Broadway and In Cafe Theater: Events Places and Creative Personnel Including a Cross Reference to the Photographic Negatives of James D. Gossage" Section I (Printed August 2000), p. 202.
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Tom O'Horgan (director)
Tom O'Horgan (music)
Steve Gahre (performer)
Clay Haney (performer)
Mari-Claire Charba (performer)
James D. Gossage (documenter)
Stefan Sztybel (contributor)
Conrad Ward (documenter)
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122 Second Avenue
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