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Production: "Five One-Acts by Ed Bullins" and "Black Terror" in Italy (1972)

Identifier: PROD.1972.0031
Description: Performances took place in Venice and Milan. 
Related Entities
New Lafayette Theatre (related to)
Ed Bullins (playwright)
Allie Woods (director)
Allie Woods (performer)
Rosalyn Gibson (performer)
Robert Molock (performer)
Terri Angello (performer)
Basil Anthony Wallace (performer)
Roger Hill (performer)
Charles Wise (performer)
Ray Ramirez (performer)
Terrie Taylor (performer)
Denise Rogers (performer)
Saundra McClain (performer)
Buddy Butler (performer)
M Anthony Watson (performer)
Dorian Williams (performer)
Cal Yeomans (contributor)
Ken Rubenstein (contributor)
Sarah Allen (contributor)
Aaron Bell (music)
Babafumi Akunyun (music)
Eugene Phipps (music)
Bernard Roth (tech)
Billye Hatcher (choreographer)
Dimitri Gassoumis (set design)
Joseph Thomas (costumes)
Barbara Kopit (lighting designer)
Ray Ramirez (contributor)
Richard Wesley (playwright)
Jay Fletcher (director)
Marcella Lowery (performer)
John Grigas (music)
Larl Becham (choreographer)
Babafemi Akinlana (music)
Jay Fletcher (performer)
Jarboro Players (performer)