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Production: Family Meeting (1972)

Identifier: PROD.1972.0020
Description: Adapted by the Jarboro Players in cooperation with the author.

Related Entities
William Mackey (playwright)
Jarboro Players (adapter)
Jarboro Players (performer)
Lea Scott (performer)
Ceci Perrin (performer)
Harriet Richards (performer)
Charles Wise (performer)
Jon Bumstead (performer)
James Hilbrandt (performer)
Marcella Lowery (performer)
Denise Rogers (performer)
Dorin McGough (performer)
Kaye McKiernan (performer)
Marilyn Wright (performer)
Robert Molock (performer)
Aaron Bell (music)
Michele Murray (choreographer)
Barnaby Dexter Penn (costumes)
Barnaby Dexter Penn (set design)
David Adams (lighting designer)
Lou Rigler (lighting designer)
Charles Embry (tech)
Dough Brenner (tech)
Roy Calloway (tech)
Manz Marryshaw (tech)
Alan Wynroth (contributor)
Bobby Matos (music)
Willie Kitchelle (music)
Marian Leidenhaut (music)
Ford Foundation (contributor)
New York State Council On The Arts (contributor)
National Council On The Arts (contributor)
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