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Production: "Butcher's Scandal, The" And "A Theatre Graph" (1971)

Identifier: PROD.1971.0047
Related Entities
Ned Bobkoff (author)
John Casey (performer)
Linda Johnston (performer)
Terry Sullivan (performer)
Nathan Goldberg (performer)
Ned Bobkoff (director)
James Hardy (lighting designer)
Charles Embry (tech)
James Hardy (author)
Grace Scimone (performer)
Khris Eduards (performer)
Charles McCabe (performer)
Gene Monteleone (performer)
Cherie Monteleone (performer)
Al Chiaplini (performer)
Terence M Sullivan (performer)
James Hardy (performer)
Janet Goral (performer)
Ford Foundation (contributor)
National Council On The Arts (contributor)
New York State Council On The Arts (contributor)
Related La MaMa Venue
74A East 4th Street