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Clipping: "Four No Plays" (1969)

Description: This folder contains one printed digital scan of a newsclipping from The Village Voice depicting the Theatre of the Eye Repertory Company in a promotional photograph for "Four No Plays."

Supported by the platform, from left to right, are Tom Eyen (sitting), Fred Travalena, Enid Edelman, LaMar Alford, David Baker (sitting), Elsa Tresko, and Charles Pitchford. On the floor in the back row are Suzanne Gilbert, Theon Banos, Carole Silon, and Ann Sweeny. On the floor in the second row are Bruce Kirle, Arthur Hill, Mark Russel, and William Griffin Duffy. On the floor in the first row are Ellen Gurin, Maggie Benson, and Mary-Jenifer Mitchell. 

Document format: Press
Date created: 1969
Language: English
Identifier: OBJ.1969.0501
Measurements: 8.5 in (width) x 11 in (height)
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LCSH Names Authority: La Mama Experimental Theatre Club
Village voice (Greenwich Village, New York, N.Y.)
Eyen, Tom
Alford, Lamar
Kirle, Bruce (Bruce Steven)
LCSH Subjects: Off Off-Broadway theater
Theatrical companies
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