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Director's File: Wilford Leach

Description: This folder contains promotional material for The New York Shakespeare Festival (Summer 1978); New York Shakespeare Festival programs for "All's Well That Ends Well" (Summer 1978), "The Taming Of The Shrew" (Summer 1978) and "Othello" (Summer 1979); two versions of "The Mandrake" program (undated); a copy of After Dark magazine (October 1970) with an article mentioning Wilford Leach's "In Three Zones"; a copy of Theatre Crafts magazine (January 1986) with a profile of Leach; a Playbill for "My One And Only" at The St. James Theater (1983); an undated manuscript of an article by Tish Dace profiling Leach, "C.O.R.F.A.X. (Don't Ask)", "Carmilla" and other works; correspondence from Leach to Ellen Stewart; handwritten budgeting notes (undated); miscellaneous production notes; and numerous articles and newsclippings about Leach and his work, many containing photographs of Leach.

Document format: Promotional Materials, Correspondence, Press, Production or Tour Notes, Programs
1970 - 1988
Language: English, Portuguese
Identifier: OBJ.1970.0458
Measurements: 8.5 in; 6 in; 7 in (width; width; width) x 11 in; 18 in; 14 in (height; height; height)
LCSH Names Authority: La Mama Experimental Theatre Club
Leach, Wilford, 1929-1988
New York Shakespeare Festival Public Theater
LCSH Subjects: Off Off-Broadway theater
Theatrical producers and directors
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