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Films: Camera Original Outtakes and Trims - "Medea", "The Maids", "Beauty and the Beast" and "City of Light"

Description: This can contains three rolls of camera original reversal trims and outtakes documenting various La MaMa productions.
  • One roll contains portions of "Medea" at La MaMa. Exact production date is unknown. This film is in good condition. Some portions are very dark, but the images are clear. There is one long scene in which a woman holds a candle.The film is mostly closeups, but there are some medium group shots. 
  • Another roll contains portions "The Maids" - either the 1970 or the 1971 La MaMa production. This film has faded to magenta, but some color remains. There are wide shots of the stage, as well as close ups of performers. One scene shows a drag performer with brown hair, pearls, a dark dress, and white gloves. He is with a male performer carrying what appears to be a bunch of white feathers. 
  • The third roll includes excerpts of the 1973 productions of "Beauty and the Beast" and "City of Light."  Much of the film is dark, but there are also gorgeous color images. Several scenes show medium close ups of man in drag who appears to be singing. Another shows a performer wearing a disco ball on his head. A man in toga holds a column. There are also long scenes of close ups on a naked woman's body. Some portions of the film are blank.

Date issued: 1967, 1971
Identifier: OBJ.1967.0318
Measurements: 12.5 inches (Diameter) x 1 inch (Height)
Rights statement: La MaMa owns the rights to the film depicting "Beauty and the Beast" and "City of Light" but rights to the underlying performances are held by their authors.
LCSH Names Authority: La Mama Experimental Theatre Club
Genet, Jean, 1910-1986
LCSH Subjects: Experimental theater
Off Off-Broadway theater
Audio-visual materials
Greek drama (Tragedy)
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