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Film: "Carmilla"

Description: This can contains a film shot by Jack Coddington for use in the 1970 La MaMa production of "Carmilla." It was projected on a screen during the show, and as such does not depict the show, but rather was a part of the experience. It contains shots of objects such as a pocketwatch and a burning candle, and of scenes in nature and a church. Some portions show a woman's face, and two women interacting. At times, the images are abstract, and there is one section that is a cartoon. 

Alternative title: Old Carmila Film
Date created: 1970
Language: English
Identifier: OBJ.1970.0388
Measurements: 14 inches (diameter) x .5 inches (height )
LCSH Names Authority: La Mama Experimental Theatre Club
LCSH Subjects: Experimental theater
Off Off-Broadway theater
Audio-visual materials
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