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Booklets about "The Little Elephant is Dead" (1979)

Description: This booklet contains the full script of The "Little Elephant is Dead," translated by Ian Hideo Levy, in addition to an article about the play published in the Asahi titled, "The Exhibition of Images by Kobo Abe: A new Use for an Art Museum," and a commentary by Donald Richie titled "Kobo Abe's Dream Theater."

Document format: Programs, Production or Tour Notes
Date published: May 1979
Language: English
Identifier: OBJ.1979.0107
Measurements: 5.5 in; 7 in (width; width) x 9 in; 10 in (height; height)
Rights statement: Abe Kobo Studio Company. Photo is copyrighted Kobo Abe & Makoto Yamada.
LCSH Names Authority: Abe, Kōbō, 1924-1993
Levy, Ian Hideo, 1950-
John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts (U.S.)
Richie, Donald, 1924-2013
LCSH Subjects: Experimental theater
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Ian Hideo Levy (adapter)
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