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Program: "Cotton Club Gala" (1975a)

Description: A show program for the January - February 1975 La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club production of “Cotton Club Gala.” The production was staged by Larl Becham and featured performers The Original Hoofers, Tony Azito, Denise Rogers, Larl Becham and La Soubrettes, and Aaron Bell with the Ellington Alumni.

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Document format: Programs
Date issued: January 17 - 18 1975
Language: English
Identifier: OBJ.1975.0038
Measurements: 8.5 in (width) x 14 in (height)
Rights statement: In Copyright - Educational Use Permitted.
LCSH Names Authority: La Mama Experimental Theatre Club
Chaney, Lon, 1927-1995
Bell, Aaron, 1922-2003
Brown, Buster, 1913-2002
LCSH Subjects: Off Off-Broadway theater
Theater programs
African American dramatists
African American dancers
African American singers
Tap dancing
Related Entities
Larl Becham (performer)
Aaron Bell (contributor)
Eric Concklin (contributor)
Annette Harper (designer)
Les Soubrettes (performer)
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