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Photograph: Interior of La MaMa 122 Second Avenue (1965)

Description: A shot of the theater space at 122 Second Avenue. Tables and chairs in the foreground, bar to the left, stage at the top right. In the center of the room several individuals sit around a table talking. There are also a few people gathered behind and at the bar. Coats, purses, and packages are scattered about. Most tables feature sugar holders, ashtrays and tea cups. The stage is set for "Miss Nefertiti Regrets."

Date created: December 1965
Language: English
Identifier: OBJ.1965.0156
Measurements: 8.5 in (width) x 11 in (height)
Rights statement: Copyright: NYPL/James D. Gossage.
LCSH Names Authority: La Mama Experimental Theatre Club
Midler, Bette
Eyen, Tom
LCSH Subjects: Off Off-Broadway theater
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