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Video Work: Documentation of "Shekhina" (1971)

Description: This video consists of a curated selection of clips documenting the 1971 La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club production of “Shekhina: The Bride,” edited (and possibly shot) by Max Waldman. This video was originally made using a Portapak camera. The play “Shekhina” was one of two theatrical adaptations that Leon Katz made of S. Ansky’s “The Dybbuk” in the early 1970s, and was directed by Rina Yerushalmi. The production was part of an ongoing creative collaboration between Katz and Yerushalmi, for whose final MFA project (in theater directing, from Carnegie Mellon University) Katz had served as mentor.

Video documentation of “Toy Show,” another of Katz’s adaptations of “The Dybbuk,” directed by Yerushalmi at La MaMa in November 1970, is contained on Reels A1 and A2 in La MaMa's collections.

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Recording date: December 1971
Language: English, Yiddish
Identifier: OBJ.1971.0082
Measurements: ()
LCSH Names Authority: An-Ski, S., 1863-1920
La Mama Experimental Theatre Club
Yerushalmi, Rina
An-Ski, S., 1863-1920. Dibeḳ
Katz, Leon, 1919-2017
LCSH Subjects: Off Off-Broadway theater
Audio-visual materials
Theater, Yiddish
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Robert Anton (designer)
Ron Carrier (performer)
Lark Carrier (designer)
Robert Cloyd (designer)
Donna Cloyd (designer)
Jerry Cunliffe (performer)
Marilyn Frank (performer)
Jane Galloway (performer)
Charles T Harper (performer)
Martha Jacobs (performer)
Richard Jakiel (performer)
Leon Katz (playwright)
Juergen Kuehn (performer)
Margo LaZaro (designer)
Franne Lee (designer)
Russell Lewis (designer)
Lawrence Lippert (performer)
Ilan Mamber (music)
Michael Pace (performer)
Marilyn Plotkins (performer)
Beverly Smith (designer)
Elizabeth Swados (performer)
Max Waldman (contributor)
Donald Warfield (performer)
Steve Whitson (designer)
Rina Yerushalmi (director)
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