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Video Work: Documentation of "Renard" (1972)

Description: This video documents the ETC Company’s 1972 La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club production of Igor Stravinsky’s "Renard" (1917), as adapted by Wilford Leach and John Braswell. The piece, a “burlesque to be sung and played” that follows the adventures of Renard the fox as he attempts to catch and eat a rooster, was part of the ETC Company’s first 5-Play Repertory. This Repertory also featured ”Carmilla,” “Gertrude,” “The Only Jealousy of Emer,” and “Demon.” This video was originally shot using a Portapak camera.

Video documentation of earlier and later productions of “Renard” at La MaMa is contained on Reel B5a (1970b) and Reel C11 (1973) in La MaMa’s collection.

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Recording date: January 1972, February 1972
Language: English
Identifier: OBJ.1972.0058
Measurements: ()
LCSH Names Authority: La Mama Experimental Theatre Club
Stravinsky, Igor, 1882-1971
Leach, Wilford, 1929-1988
Braswell, John
ETC Company of La Mama
Mueller, Zizi
Ballets russes
LCSH Subjects: Off Off-Broadway theater
Audio-visual materials
Reynard the Fox (Legendary character)
Theatrical companies
Theater, Russian
Repertory theater
Related Entities
Donald Arrington (performer)
John Braswell (performer)
John Braswell (director)
Bill Elliott (music)
William Finley (performer)
Murrell Gehman (performer)
Dean Kelso (music)
Wilford Leach (director)
Zizi Mueller (music)
Igor Stravinsky (director)
Glen Velez (music)
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