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Resident company: The Playhouse of the Ridiculous

Alternate Name: Play-House of the Ridiculous
The Play-House of the Ridiculous was a theatrical ensemble founded by John Vaccaro in the mid-1960s, and was a resident company at La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club in the East Village of Manhattan. Following a disagreement with Vaccaro, ensemble member Charles Ludlam left to form his own company, which he named The Ridiculous Theatrical Group, and took many of the Play-House actors with him.
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Michael Arian (has as member)
Chip Beef (has as member)
Chuck Beef (has as member)
Rose Beef (has as member)
Spots Bradigan (has as member)
Gordon Bressac (has as member)
Jaime DeCarlo Lotts (has as member)
Marsha Dimes (has as member)
William G P Edgar (has as member)
Otto Erotica (has as member)
Michael Meadows (has as member)
Robin Pennings (has as member)
Laura Rambaldi (has as member)
Ruby Lynn Reyner (has as member)
Reginald Rimmingtongue III (has as member)
Golda Rush (has as member)
Howard Solomon (has as member)
Charles Terrel (has as member)
Richard Weinstock (has as member)
The Recording Studio (is related to)
Ridiculous Theatrical Company (is related to)
John Vaccaro (has as artistic director)
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