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Individual: David Adams

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...And All The Trimmings (1973)
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La Bohemia (1974)
Miss Nefertiti Regrets (1973)
Thoughts (1974)
Shadow of Evil, The (Or Dracula, The Undead) (1974)
Cotton Club Gala (1975a)
Ekathrina Sobechanskaya Dances With The Original Trockadero Gloxinia Ballet Company (1975)
Cotton Club Gala (1975b)
Human Voice, The (1976)
Brothers (1976)
Heaven Grand in Amber Orbit (1976)
Godsong (1977)
"Prince Hamyul (Hamlet)" and "Tae (The Cycle)" (1977)
Macbeth (1977)
Juba (1978)
Silver Queen Saloon (1978)
Book of Etiquette, A (1978)
Dowager, The (1978)
Ultraje (1978)
Gulliver's Travels (1978)
Hearing Solar Winds (1979)
Book of Etiquette, A (1979)
Indonesian Dance Theatre (1979)
Little Elephant is Dead, The (1979)
Music at La MaMa: Living Sound and Sleeping Beauty (1979)
Drawing Room Tragedy (1979)
Nutcracker In The Land Of Nuts, The (1979/1980)
Midsummer Night's Dream, A (1980)
Art War (1980)
Soft Targets (1981)
"The National Dance Theatre Of Zaire In 'Nkenge'" (1981)
Soon Jack November (1981)
Motel (1981)
XXXXX (1981)
Madness of the Day, The (1982)
"The Liberation of Skopje" and "Karamazovs" (1982)
Fin du Cirque, La
Structures (1984)
Token Vision (1985)
Cotton Club Gala (1985)
Architect and the Emperor of Assyria, The (1986)
"As You Like It" In Taormina, Italy: Great Jones Repertory Tour (1977)
"Trilogy" In Taormina, Italy: Great Jones Repertory Tour (1977)
"As You Like It" At The 11th Festival Of Arts Shiraz Persepolis: Great Jones Repertory Tour (1977)
"As You Like It" In Stuttgart, Germany: Great Jones Repertory Tour (1980)
"Medea" At The Haworth Summer Festival: Great Jones Repertory Company (1987)
Tales and Tunes of an African American Griot (1973)
Carmilla (2003)
Give My Regards To Off-Off Broadway (1987)
Tancredi and Erminia (1993)
The Haunted Host (1991)
Etiquette (1986)
Carmilla (1986)
Temptation (1986)
Orfei (1986)
Ekathrina Sobechanskaya and Her Original Trockadero Gloxinia Ballet Company (1987b)
We're Moving On (1987)
"Mythos Oedipus" and "Dionysus Filius Dei" (1989)
Skin - A State of Being (1989)
Rosmersholm (1988)
Arrivals & Departures (1988)
Water on the Moon (1989)
Juice (1990)
Casa (1990)
Brightness (1989)
Gaz (1989)
Increase: The Story of a Saint (1990)
Madame Ekathrina Sobechanskaya's Original Trocadero Gloxinia Ballet (1990)
Elephant Memories (1990)
Eddie Goes to Poetry City: Part 2 (1991)
Get Out of the House (1987)
Fragments of a Greek Trilogy (1999)
"The Trojan Women" in Taipei, Taiwan (1998)
Seven Against Thebes (2001)
"Vintage Wine or Past It's Prime" (2005)