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About La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club.

La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club is dedicated to supporting the artist and all aspects of the theatre. La MaMa produces daring work in theatre, dance, performance art, and music that transcends boundaries of language, race, and culture. Each season, over 100 productions and over 400 performances are staged in our three theaters. Annual visitors exceed 32,000. In its five decades of existence, La MaMa has hosted more than 150,000 artists representing as many as 70 nations and in excess of 3,500 productions. Audiences from all backgrounds attend our shows. For more information, please visit

About La MaMa’s Archives.

La MaMa’s Archives collects, preserves, interprets, and exhibits records of permanent historical value relating to La MaMa, and strives to make its collections accessible and meaningful to the broadest audiences. In offering access to our collections, we draw on a deep vein of in-house institutional memory, the passionate community of artists whose work has found a home on our stages, and a diversity of scholars and educators with whom we regularly collaborate. The repository holds over 10,000 unique items-- posters, programs, costumes, puppets, photographs, and audiovisual materials (both born-analog and born-digital), dating back to our inaugural production in 1962. We blog at:

Historical note about La MaMa.

Ellen Stewart first established the theater that would eventually come to be called La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club in a basement space at 321 East 9th Street. Here, the playing area was just a small space between the café tables where audiences sat, and attendees were required to purchase a minimum of one dollar’s worth of refreshment from the coffee bar in place of tickets. La MaMa relocated several times before establishing a permanent home on 4th Street. Today La MaMa is home to four theaters, an art gallery, a six-storey rehearsal studio building, a visiting artist dormitory, and office spaces, all spread across 4 buildings on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. For more about La MaMa, please visit

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Your support makes La MaMa's archival work possible. Donations can be made online, here, or by sending a check to 74A East 4th Street, New York, NY 10003.