The Club

La MaMa Venue

11pm at La MaMa, La MaMa Cabaret
Blown Apple (1983), Songs and Sketches (1983), Denise Rogers (1983), Ten Years Later (1983), Life Ain't Easy For Them That Bleed (1983), Rue Piaf (1983), Nancy Heikin (1983), Calling Out (1983), Latin Front, The (1983), Guns, Guitars, And Bibles (1983), Love Songs And... (1983), Spiderwoman Theater (1983), Farewell (1983), Akin Babatunde (1983), Haarlem Nocturne (1984), Stephen Holt and the Boys (1983), Gorilla, My Love (1983), Sophie Mgcina (1983), Funny Valentine (1984), Love Notes (1984), Farewell - Adjusted (1984), Ron Litman (1984), Ladies Lounge (1984), Judith And The Cohen Sisters In Midnight In Manhattan (1984), Alchemical Cabaret, The (1984), Blues Duo (1983), O My Rosey Dreams (1983), Talking Band In Concert, The (1983), Innocents (1984), Sharon McNight: Red Hot And Blonde! (1985), Ladies Lounge (1985), Danitra Vance And The Mell-O White Boys (1984), Blues Duo (1984), Dreams Of Becoming (1984), Adventures Of Rhubarb: The Rock And Roll Rabbit, The (1985), On A Clear Day You Can See Armageddon (1984), On A Clear Day You Can See Armageddon (1985), Maggie: In And Out Of This World (1985), Songs For My Sisters (1985), Whore Of Sheridan Square: A Ridiculous Story, The (2005), A Political Revue (Subliminal Strategeries) (2001), Why Hanna's Skirt Won't Stay Down (1994b), Cabaret Evening (2010), Saints on Wheels (1987), John Moran in Concert (1989), Tutti Non Ci Sono (1989b), Brecht's Berlin: a cabaret (1986), Songs For My Sisters (1986), Masterpiece Nightclub (1986), Meditations on Modern Life (1986), Suppositions on History (1986), The Legend of Lily Overstreet (1986), Watchface (1986), Hapi Phace and Friends (1986), Girl Party: A One Woman Show (1986), Judy Stuart and Perfect Bitch (1986), Alien Comic and Jo Andres (1986), Poetry in Motion (1986), Frank Maya Talks (1986), Here's Buzz (1986), Gretchen Langheld in Concert (1988), "The Axelrods" and Reno (1987), Lenora Champagne (1987), Jeffrey Essmann (1988), In Your Mind (1988), Lambs Eat Ivy (1987), Tingel Tangel Kabarett (1987), Frank Maya Talks (1987b), Frank Maya Talks (1987a), P.O.O.L. (1987), Joshua Fried & Stuart Sherman (1987), Natasha Shulman & Ron Vzoar (1987), Young Eisenstein (1987), Dial M For Model (1987), Ambition (1987), Watchface: The Spring '87 Collection (1987), Diamonds and Toads: a cabaret (1987), Peter & Noël and Noël & Gertie (1987), Kimberly, Georg & Bill (1987), "Sherri's Birthday" and "The Mona Lisa (her story)" (1987), Macguffin, or How Meanings Get Lost (1987), Alien Comic & Jo Andres (1987), Interrogations (1987), Keith Berger, Sharon Diskin, and Watchface (1987), Sweet Lips & Round Hips (1987), Get Out of the House (1987), Spectre Woman (1987), Panic DJ (1987), Urban Bush Women (1987), Alien Christmas Show, The (1987), Ballet of the Dolls: The Concert (1988), Paul Saindon Chante Edith Piaf & Mr. Fashion (1988), Lenora Champagne & Richard Elovich (1988), There Goes the Groom (1988), Bill Callihan and Felicity with Lee Nashville (1988a), Lambs Eat Ivy & Felicity with Lee Nashville (1988), A Leap-Day Extravaganza (1988), Reno & Lisa Kotin (1988), Lucid Possession (1988), John Heys (1988), Stranger Than Fiction! (1988), "A Matched Set" and "Our Happy Family: The Final Chapter" (1988), Women of the Calabash (1988), Pornochio (1988), Sin (1988), Dead Marilyn (1988), Club X (1988), Penny Arcade is an Equal Genius Employer (1988), Bill Callihan & Felicity with Lee Nashville (1988b), The Kimberly Flynn Show (1988), Tom Rubnitz: A Video Retrospective (1988a), Frank Maya Talks: Rants (1988), Alien Comic (1988), Doug Landau (1988), Queens of Consequence (1988), Year : 8000 (1988), Moscow Strip (1988), Jalalu-Kalvert Nelson: Trumpets of Desire (1988), Bill Obrecht and No Safety (1988), Manhattan Marimba Quartet (1988), Billy Basinski: Hymns of Oblivion (1988), Lenny Pickett: Dance Music for Saxophone & Drums (1988), Mimi Goese & A. Leroy (1988), Joshua Fried (1988), Alien Comic's Full Moon Show (1988), 20th Century Blues (1988), An Evening of Performance and Film Conceived and Directed by Stuart Sherman (1988), Charles Dennis (1988), Blue Margaritas (1987), Club 82/'88 (1988), Miss Piss and Her Beautiful Friends (1988), Haarlem Nocturne (1992), Tom Rubnitz: A Video Retrospective (1988b), Jazz Passengers, The (1988b), Le Vieux Pornographe Manuel (1988), Positive Me (1988), An Evening with Harper's at La MaMa (1989), Dead Marilyn: In Trouble with the Law (1988), Frankie Lymon's Nephew's Story (1988), Lily: A Tragedy for Cabaret or Lounge (1988), Operating Under the Influence: Six Characters Works-In-Progress (1988), The Chaplin Acts (1988), Panic DJ (1988), "Andrea Black in the Night" and Na'Imah Hasan's "Raw Elegance and Everything the White Culture Wanted to Know About the Black Culture but was Afraid to Ask so they Watched the Bill Cosby Show" (1988), "Trumpet Theater" (1989), "A Month of Mondays with Marleen Menard" (1989), An Evening with Peter Zummo with Bill Ruyle and Arthur Russell (1989), Peter Zummo (1989), "Shoe Music II" (1989), Tom Rubnitz Videos (1989), Chucklehead (1989), "Blueberry Hill" (1989), "Belle Reprieve" (1991b), "Brian Woodbury and the Variety Orchestra" (1989), "Gayle Tufts: Breeze" (1989), "Carmelita Tropicana: 'The Boiler Time Machine,'" and "Natasha & Fearless Lieder" (1989), Drum Midi Evil (1989), Faculty Party (1989), Changing Face (1989), Diva Den (1989b), The Dark Star From Harlem (1989), "Tubes" (1991a), Big Nazo Puppets (1989), The Ghost of Brooklyn (1989), Night of Shamans (1989), Kaniecki & Zippi and My Life in Bed, Watchface/Double Feature ("AAaaaw!": A Tribute to Domestic Animals and Sodomite Warriors), The Fester & Rot Raw-View, 970-Chucklehead (1989), Speaking of Music (1989), One Night Stands: No Place Like Home/Two Men Dance the Tango (1989), Funny Gay Males (1989), One Night Stands: Heather Woodbury - Delugians of Grandeur/Lisa Kotin - Nobody's Miss America (1989), Impressions of Myself (1989), "Kiss Me When It's Over" (1990), Downtown Christmas Spectacular (1989), Alien Comic’s Christmas in Outta Space (1989), Wonderful Life (1989), Penny Arcade: Based on a True Story (1990), Spectre Woman Episode #3: In the Nick of Time, Alien Comic's St. Valentine's Day Special: Fool for Love (1990), Natasha & Fearless Lieder plus Mr. Fashion, Hot Peaches, Anniversary Waltz, Liz Prince plus Brigid Murphy, Telesmellepathy, Homo Alone, Sarah Cytron and Lisa Kron (1990), I Think It's Gonna Work Out Fine (1990), Eye Ellipse/Ear Eternal - Soul So Sweet, Orientally Yours (1990), Two Men Dance the Tango and The Man Who Jumped Out of a Plane, Alien Comic's April Fools Show - Idiot's Delight, Holly Hughes' Show 'N' Tell (1990), Na’Imah Hasan “Straight From the Heart of a Nappy Head Woman” and Laura Segal “Nightmare in New York” (1990), Dilbert Dingle-Dong (The Doomed) (1990), Hamann Abrams plus Robert I. (1990), John Heys as Diana Vreeland (1990), An Evening with Harper's (1990), The Fall of the Wall Revue (1990), Cosecha (1990), "Crazy He Calls Me" and "2000 Questions" (1991), Tempest, The (1998), The Little Freida Mysteries (1997), Glamour, Glory & Gold (2003), Why Hanna's Skirt Won't Stay Down (2005), Asian-American Comedy Night, Gazpacho Andalu (2006), Cotton Club Rhapsody (2002), Romeo and Juliet: Tribal Rock Musical (1999), Reno: Rebel Without a Pause (2001), Stitches (1994), Stump the Host (1993), Tumor Brainiowicz (2002), War, Sex And Dreams, An Evening with Jean-Claude Van Itallie (1999), Odysseus and Ajax (2006), Marlene Dietrich (2006), Salad of the Bad Cafe (2000), Request Programme (2005), The Earth's Sharp Edge (2003), Lost Soles (2001), Lesbians Who Kill (1992), The Legend of Lily Overstreet (1996), John Moran (2002), Skin of the Night (1992), Pi=3.14 (2002), John Heys as Diana Vreeland (1989), Mosquito Succulence (1993), Variety of Women, A (1994), Interview (1995), Polly's Panic Attack (1995), Big Dicks, Asian Men (1996), Lemuel (1996), Last Hand Laundry in Chinatown, The (1996), Big Butt Girls, Hard Headed Women (1996), Busride to Glory (1996), The Floatones (1995), Hibsicus (1992), CAFÉ Afrocentric (1995), Cheek to Cheek (1993), Denial of the Fittest (1993), Vaudeville 2000 (1999), Mortality Waltz (1993a), Mortality Waltz (1993d), One Woman Shoe (1995a), On the Block (1995), Psyche's Crib (1988), Alien Comic Discovers Columbus Day (1988), Downward Facing Dog (1992), Electric Hamlet (1992), Eileen Myles For President (1992), More Stories From The Pagan Pagoda (1992), Ready, Aye Ready (1992), Hedda Gabbler Hedda gabbler (1992), Love Scrawls and the Top Thirty-Nine (1992), Rhythms of the Soul (1992), The Lark and Rosa's Place (1992), The Depression Show (1992), A City Called Forest (1992), The Spy Who Loved Too Much (1992), The Alien Comic: Wearin' O' The Green (1992), The Georg and Lola Show: Hot and Cold Showers (1992), Haunted House, The (1992), Return of the Good Doctor (1992), Alien Comic's Mother's Day Show (1992), Last Forever (1992), Jump-Air (1992), Blown Apple (1992), A Dyke Grows In Brooklyn (1992), Alien Comic's Night of Scary Comedy (1992), Sara Lee Entenmann: Undercover Dietician (1992), Cure for the Biting of a Madde Dogge (1992), Typhoid Mary 911 (1992), Cabaret of Life (1992), The Wrong Mistake: Benefit Show (1992), You're Making a Mess! (1992), WOMB/man Wars (1992), Fried Chicken Revue (1992), When Hep Cats Get Together...(a Gig That Will Live in Infamy) (1992), The Jackie 60 Playhouse in: A Brown Christmas (1992), The Whole K'Cufin' World (1992), Alien Comic's Fifth Annual Christmas Show, The (1992), Denial of the Fittest (1992a), Denial of the Fittest (1992b), Cure for the Biting of a Madde Dogge (1993), Variety of Women, A (1993), Loud Blouse (1993), Crave (1993), Weight of Being Black, The (1993a), Weight of Being Black, The (1993b), Wrong Mistake, The (1993), Alien Comic's Full Moon Show, The (1993), 1:1:1:1:1:1:1 (1993), Mortality Waltz (1993b), Mortality Waltz (1993c), Lovefest (1993), Dead Men We Love (1993), Incident, The (1993), Virgin of Want, The (1993), Sandboxing (1993), Good God Woman...What Just Flew Out Of Your Mouth? (1993), If This Ain't It! (1993), Zora! Zora! Zora! (1993), Alien Comic's Mother's Day Show: Honor Thy Mom (1993), Polyergus (1993), The Moral Leprosy of Jig Dancing (1993), Haunted Taxi Ride (1993), Denny Wilson (1993), Take My Domestic Partner -- Please! (1993), Hulawood Babylon (1993), When She Had Bloodlust (1993), Word of Mouth (1993a), Sleepwalker's Diner, The (1993), Heads (1993), Last Forever (1993), These Sunglasses Belonged to Roy Orbison (1993), Third Seder, The (1993), Word of Mouth (1993b), Julia Dares Herself (1993), Night of Hope (1993), Alien Comic Discovers Columbus Day (1988), Optimismo Lounge, The (1991a), Nicky Paraiso / Gayle Tufts (1990), Dora Ohrenstein (1990), Mieczysław Litwiński (1990), Microtonal Jazz (1990), Joe Gallant's Illuminati (1990), Conrad Cummings (1990), Ben Neill And David First (1990), Vito Ricci And Just Desserts (1990), Alien Comic's Frights & Delights / Halloween Show (1990), Woodbury Twins, The (1990), Evening With Tom Judson, An (1990), Odd (1990), "Ursula On The Beach" & "Stunt" (1990), No Net (1990), Nightmare In New York (1990), Alien Comic's Christmas Spectacular (1990), "It's My Laundry and I'll Cry if I Want to" & "Aeschylus Hears A Who" (1991), Hospital & New Short Works, The (1991), Topical Tap (1991), Christine Donnelly / Debra Clapp (1991), Sixteenth Spectacle (1991), Raw (1991), Alien Comic's April Fool's Day Show (1991), Kosher for Passover (1991), La Spezia / Villa Eclafot / Elisabitangelo (1991), Hat Check Girl, The (1991), "Go On Punch Me In The Stomach" & "Georgeous Mistakes"(1991), Time's Up (1991), A.B.C.D.E.F. Gay (1991a), Monsieur - Madame (1991), Alien Comic's Halloween Fright Night (1991), Hard-Boiled Hijinx (1991), Rumplemayer Is Irrelevant But Proud (1991), A.B.C.D.E.F. Gay (1991b), Alien Comic's Christmas Show (1991), Hospital: The Night Nurse, The (1991), Milly's Road Show (1991), A Diana Vreeland Christmas (1991), American Griot, An (1991), Frank Maya / Work In Progress, A (1990), Edwina Lee Tyler (1991), Muffdiver's Holiday on Ice (1991), Flirtations In Concert, The (1991), Seventeen Kilos Of Garlic (1991), Business Business (1991), Seventeen Kilos Of Garlic (1990), Linda Fisher and Joshua Fried (1990), She's Just A Feminist / She's A Real Dyke (1991), Invitation To The Beginning Of The End Of The World (1990), Go on Punch Me In The Stomach (1991a), Optimismo Lounge, The (1991b), Off (1991), "Frank Maya's Unauthorized Autobiography" & "The Big Kiss" (1990), Motel Blue 19: a Coney Island Horror Show (1991), Stocks and Prawns (1990), Peter Gordon and Love Of Life Chamber Ensemble (1991), Prosa Caotica (1991), Lost Bedroom & The Poetry Killer, The (1990), Dark Star From Harlem, The / Tribute To Josephine Baker, A (1990), Alien Comic's Sixth Annual Christmas Show, The (1993), Why Hanna's Skirt Won't Stay Down (1994a), Suddenly Something Recklessly Gay (1993), "Friendly People From Nowhere" (1994), Stuart Sherman's Nineteenth Spectacle (1994), XX Century's Chamber Music (1994), The New Age of Folk (1994), Wisdom Tooth (1994), Lincoln (1994), In Celebration: African-American Poets & Playwrights (1994) [1], In Celebration: African-American Poets & Playwrights (1994) [2], Live Jazz on Bleecker St. (1994), Your Race and Mine (1994), Buck Simple (1994a), Buck Simple (1994b), A Tattle Tale (1994a), A Tattle Tale (1994b), Dark Pocket (1994), Edgar Oliver's Easter Extravaganza (1994), Flamenco (1994), Tablao Flamenco (1994a), Tablao Flamenco (1994b), Billy Club and The Ugly Law (1994), Without Apparent Motive (1994), Pie (1994), Frolicking Frocks (1994), Invisible Evidence of Our Angelic Residue (1994), The Brian Woodbury Songbook (1994), Mixed Nuts (1994), You're Just Like My Father (1994), Return of the Sodomite Warriors (1994), Take My Domestic Partner -- Please! (1994), Mariana Trench and the Truthurts (1994), Hands in Wartime (1994), Dangerous Duets (1994), Robert Een and Big Joe (1994), The Neu Revue (1994), Chores (1994), 4 Shots of Absolute (1994), Mixed Nuts Roasting on an Open Fire (1994), A Whale of a Girl (1994), Evaproo's Barbie-Q (1994), Endangered Species (1995), Red and Green (1995), Laraine Goodman's Rhythm Theater (1995), Two (1994), Gulliver Redux (1994), The State I'm In: A Travelogue (1995), Knives and Forks of Lana Lynx, The (1995), Chemise (1995), Sweet Dreams (1995), The Ten Commandments (1995), Looking For Mr. America (1995a), Natasha Fearless Lieder (1995), Tribute to Duke Ellington (1995), Julia Dares Herself...Again! (1995), Lust and Comfort (1995)