82 Second Avenue

La MaMa Venue

Maids, The (1964a), All Will Fall (1963), On The Bridge (1963), Mackerel On Tuesday (1963), Hurrah For The Bridge (1963), Amalgamated Americans, The (1963), Time is a Thief (1963), Home Cooking (1964), John Parkinson Presents "Impromptu" and "The Alligation" (1964), Drunkard, The (1964), Waiting Boy (1964), La Mama Experimental Workshop Presents 'On The Bridge' And 'The Visitor' (1964), Frustrata (1964), La Mama Experimental Theatre Workshop Presents 'The Circus' and 'At Liberty' (1964), Vacation, The (1964), La Mama Experimental Theater Club Presents 'Sacher-Masoch or The Orphan Christ' and 'Sophia' (1964), Big Important People, Kings, Queens (1964), Dark Night Of The Soul (1964), World's Fair Enough, The (1964), La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club presents Two New One-Act Plays (1964), My Next Husband Will Be a Beauty! (1964), Family Joke, The (1964), Cafe La Mama Experimental Theatre Club Presents "The Fall-Out Game" (1964), Prevarications (1964), Year Of The Census, The (1964), La Mama Experimental Theatre Club Presents "'Tis The Last Rose Of Summer" And "Kings, I X" (1964), Two Plays By Donald Kvares (1964), Dear Friends (1964), Balls (1964), Happening At The Cafe (1964), White Whore and the Bit Player, The (1964), Lovers, The (1964), "The Bald Soprano" (1963), "The Clown" (1963), "The Viscount of Blarney" (1963), "Eloise and Ramona" (1963), "Woyzeck" (1963), "New Place, The" (1963), "Sammy" (1963), "The Rococco Joker" (1963), "A.I.R Artist in Residence" (1963), "Eugenia Wore a Wedding Gown" (1963), "Son of Fricka" (1963c), "New Voice in Poetry" (1964), "Virgin Minos Clue" (1964), "Son of Fricka" (1963b)