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Quarry (film)
C.O.R.F.A.X. (Don't Ask) (1975), Fragments Of A Trilogy (1974), Trilogy (1974), Must Be/The Noose (1974), Nancy Heikin Concert (1975), Mystic Writings Of Paul Revere, The (1975), Cotton Club Gala (1975a), Untitled Piece By The Grand Union Dance Group (1975), Oba Koso (1975), Moroccan Evening, A (1975), Grand Union Dance/Theater (1976), Carmilla (1976), Ekathrina Sobechanskaya Dances With The Original Trockadero Gloxinia Ballet Company (1975), Cotton Club Gala (1975b), Fragments Of A Trilogy: "The Trojan Women" and "Electra" (1975/76), Good Woman of Setzuan, The (1976), Rat's Mass, A (1976), Sounds in Motion (1976), Architect and the Emperor of Assyria, The (1976), Architect And The Emperor Of Assyria, The (1977), Demons In My Ear (1976), Bond Street Theatre Coalition's "A Christmas Carol" (1976), A.non 0-1 1-0: A Holistic Theatre Work (1977), Godsong (1977), La Competition (1977), La Double Inconstance (1977), "Prince Hamyul (Hamlet)" and "Tae (The Cycle)" (1977), Selection, The (1977), Macbeth (1977), Caligula (1977), Tempest, The (1978), Fragments Of A Trilogy: "The Trojan Women" And "Electra" (1978), Tis A Pity She's A Whore (1978), Jack Sound (1978), Raun Raun Theatre Of Papua New Guinea, The (1978), An Ecumenical Theatrical Liturgy on the Rights of the Child (1979b), Moroccan Evening, A (1979), Fragments Of A Trilogy (1979), Dreams of a Mischievous Heart Shipwrecked on Illusion (1979), Elisabeta I (1979), O Scrisoare Pierduta (1979), Lucky Strike (1979), Cuantos Anos Tiene Un Dia? (1979), Historias Para Ser Contadas (1979), Macunaima (1979), Amigos de Candelita, Los, Recent Ruins (1979), And The Soul Shall Dance (1979b), Piece Of Monologue, A (1979), As You Like It (1980), Nigerian Showcase, A (1980), Night in Morocco (1980), Katana (The Sword) (1980), Asian Night (1980), Convite (1980), "Rockaby" And "Enough" (1981), Hotel Play, The (1981), Ya'acobi and Leidental (1981), Dance On The Lower East Side: Women's Night (1981), Dance On The Lower East Side: New Works/Collaborations (1981), Dance On The Lower East Side: Back To Back Matinees (1981), Electra-Cution or You're Under Orestes (1981), Prisoners Of The Invisible Kingdom (1982), Bacchae, The (1982), Jeffrey Lohn's "Theoretical Music" and Richard Foreman's "Sophia = Wisdom: Part III/The Cliffs" (1982), Berber Night in Morocco (1982), Kenneth King & Dancers/Co., With William Tudor And Bob Holman (1982), New York Goes Dutch: Bart Stuyf Dance Company In "Spiegels (Mirrors)" (1982), Come Dog, Come Night (1982), Tooth Of Crime, The (1983), Uncle Vanya (1983), Damnee Manon, Sacree Sandra (1983), Gala Marathon Performance (1983), Music, Dance and Rituals in Celebration of Traditional Cultures (1983), Deep Sleep (1986), Jerusalem (1984), Odin Teatret At La MaMa ETC: "Brecht's Ashes 2" (1984), Odin Teatret At La MaMa ETC: "The Million" (1984), Contemporary Dance Theatre Double Bill (1984), Third World Cultural Perspective, A (1984), Diwa Ng Kalayaan (1984), Harvest of Traditional Arts/Rituals (1985), ...concerning Vices, Circumstances and Situations (1985), Max Roach Live At La MaMa: A Multimedia Collaboration (1985), Sobre el Amor y otros cuentos sobre el Amor (1985), New Performance By Min Tanaka: Form Of The Sky (1985), Cotton Club Gala (1985), Firmament (1995), Fragments of a Trilogy (1986), Dead Class, The (1979), Carmilla (2003), Kindness (1986), Black Maria (1987), Give My Regards To Off-Off Broadway (1987), Tancredi and Erminia (1993), Hot Swing (2008), Carmilla (1986), Azax/Attra II (1986), A Formal Response (1986), Rod Rodgers Dance Company (1999), Afro-Asian Night (1986), Fulgor Y Muerte De Joaquin Murieta (1986), Orfei (1986), Bhangra Nights (2010), Rosso Bastardo Live! Spoleto Fringe Festival New York (2010), Harm's Way (1985), The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1987), Molly Bloom is at La MaMa (1987), Ekathrina Sobechanskaya and Her Original Trockadero Gloxinia Ballet Company (1987b), Absolute Music Group (1987), Panama (1987), Matter of Fact (1987), Hip, Hippie, Hip-Hop (1987), We're Moving On (1987), Propaganda (1987), Hibiki Performing Arts Group (1987), The Drum and Spirit of Africa Society (1987), Under the Bad Star (1987), High Spirits (1987), Stones of Vilcapampa (1987), Tokyo Konsei (1987), Ballet Asia (1989b), "Mythos Oedipus" and "Dionysus Filius Dei" (1989), The Book and the Stranger (1989), Skin - A State of Being (1989), Rosmersholm (1988), Trilogia: A Process, Praga, Carmem Com Filtro (1988), Road (1988), Arrivals & Departures (1988), The Tragical History of the Life and Death of Doctor Faustus (1988), Ophélie Song (1989), Water on the Moon (1989), Roar (1988), Chen & Dancers (1989), Kei Takei's Moving Earth (1989), Quasi-Kinetics (1989), Juice (1990), Pooh Kaye/Eccentric Motions (1989), So Close, So Far (1989), Night Before Thinking, The (1989), Sleep and Reincarnation From Empty Land (1989), Casa (1990), Loco7 (1989), Brightness (1989), Gaz (1989), Acción Colectiva (1990), Lost In A Flurry Of Cherries (1990), Madame Ekathrina Sobechanskaya's Original Trocadero Gloxinia Ballet (1990), Chen & Dancers (1990a), Chen and Dancers (1990b), Isle (1986), Dragon's Nest (1990), Es War Die Eule, Die Da Schrie, (It was the Owl that Screamed) and not the Nightingale (1990), Eros (1991), Black Water (Dancing Below the Light) (1991), Ancient Boys (1991), Spiritflesh (1991), ASIAD Contemporary Dance Theater (1991), Eddie Goes to Poetry City: Part 2 (1991), Glenn Branca, Arnold Dreyblatt, and The Orchestra of Excited Strings (1991), Marathon Concert (1991), Encircling Tide (1991), Askew Veto (1991), Noche de Luna Llena Nightclub (1991), Dead Class, The (1991), Spectaccalo (1987), Perseus (2005), Trojan Women (2004), Medea (2004), Mythos Oedipus (2004), Seven Against Thebes (2004), Electra (2004), Antigone (2004), Dionysus Filius Dei (2004), Seven Against Thebes (2001), Mythos Oedipus (1988), Geranos (1996), Fragments of a Trilogy (1976/77), "Mi Casa" and "The Legend of the Mango Tree" (1976)