Renard: A Grotesque, The Fable of the Vixen, the Cock, the Cat and the Ram. A burlesque for the stage with singing and music , Ба́йка про лису́, петуха́, кота́, да барана́. Весё́лое представле́ние с пе́нием и му́зыкой (Bayka pro lisu, petukha, kota da barana. Vesyoloe predstavlenie s peniem i muzykoi)
"This is a moralizing story, a farmyard fairy tale about Reynard the Fox who deceives the Cock, the Cat, and the Ram, but at the end they catch and punish him. The Cock is twice tricked and captured by the Fox, only to be rescued each time by the Cat and the Ram. After the Cock's second rescue, the Cat and the Ram strangle the Fox, and the three friends dance and sing. It also contains a slight irony relating to religion and the church – to be invulnerable the Fox wears the black gown of the nun (nuns used the privilege of inviolability in Russia).";"Renard... is subtitled 'burlesque to be sung and played,' and was originally conceived for chamber performance. Its first performance was by the Diaghilev ballet. The original Russian text is drawn from Russian folklore but it is not presented as a story of tale in any conventional sense, since its essential structure is musical rather than narrative. The present version is rather freely derived from the original."

Source:;Source: Program: ETC Company's Five Repertory Productions [OBJ.1972.0036]
1915 – 1922
Russian, English