9 To 5 To 0


Nine to Five to Zero
"On a 'plot' level, '9 to 5 to 0' concerns itself with the birth of a young man, CARL, into an organization known simply as "The Outfit," an Outfit seemingly steeped in a crushing number of verbal and visual as well as aural and musical cliches, his 'growing up' and his training in this Outfit (by its seemingly brainwashed employees) to become an employee himself, his growing awareness of this whole process per se, and the ultimate decision that he must make: to join the Outfit indeed and become an employee or, to drop out.

"On another level, the play concerns itself with the experience of time: time moving forward as well as time moving backward and time standing still. The present selection of episodes from the full play are drawn mostly from those sequences dealing with CARL's introduction to love and marriage, and the time motif is woven in, around, and through them." ​

--"Program for '9 to 5 to 0' (1969) [OBJ.1969.0070]
9 To 5 To 0 (1969)