Woyzeck (1997)


"Mervyn WIllis and the Todd Theatre Troupe have created an environmental journey in which the audience participates in an experiment to prove Woyzeck to be a man, not simply of "his times" but "for all times". Using the troupe's highly visual style, music, and movement, this production portrays Woyzeck to be as much a victim of social conditioning and the hubris of others as of irrational forces.
The visual concept for this production takes inspiration form the Weimar painters Otto Dix and Max Bideman, including a very graphic and sexual touch in the costuming. But the fulcrum of the production is its expressionistic use of space..a series of ten painted panels -- diaphanous curtains -- are pulled on diagonals to create new settings and to hide what's happening behind.
The production uses the 1987 prose translation by John MacKendrick; MacKendrick's translation has an unusual structure, beginning and ending in a forest, and adds a morgue scene that was not in previous versions.
Circus techniques, including dance-based movement, that were developed for "Speakeasy" will be seen again, matured in "Woyzeck".";An extended run of the play "due to success at La MaMa" occurred from July 30 - August 8 at PRESENT COMPANY, 445 West 45th Street, 4th Floor

TTT's 1996-1997 Season had Woyzeck open on February 27, 1997, with performances running until March 8, 1997. Auditions occurred from September 6 - September 8 1996. A note from the promotional brochure reads: "Although Woyzeck does not open until the spring, a workshop session on the play will start with the cast mid-November."

press release;promotional card, promotional brochure
May 15 – June 1, 1997