In Principio


In The Beginning (Barà Elohim)
A theatrical interpretation of Genesis; the piece is a deconstructionist work drawing from Biblical sources together with Midrash, Orphic mythology and verses (Greece, IX century BC), Jewish Cabalism, and the Gospels. Highly visual and ritualistic in concept, the piece synthesizes existential experiences ("Christian" birth, relations with the sacred) with the process of ensemble creation (Orazio Costa's "mimesique method"), poetics and aesthetics in a multi-mythic multicultural way. Spoken sections are performed in Italian, Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, Latin, and Spanish. Dramatic scenes are inspired by Cabalistic numerology and Dionysian myth, compiled by opposing translations of early Genesis in four languages, and driven by notions of the primordial man and the prophecy of final Redemption.
circa 1994
Italian, Hebrew, Greek, Latin, Spanish