Red Burning Light Of The American Way Of Life, The


Red Burning Light, Or: Missiong XQ3
“The Red Burning Light Or: Mission XQ3 [The Red Burning Light of the American Way of Life] excoriates American imperialism and what in the 1960s was known as “the military industrial complex” by presenting in the form of a traveling burlesque revue that one character calls ‘our democratic caravan of love.’ Drums roll, cymbals crash, and a buffoonish General Kikkeelost, more master of ceremonies than military commander, introduces his invading army as ‘ the show…that leveled…the world!’
The Red Burning Light is typical of agitprop plays of the period: overtly theatrical in style, satirical in tone, unsubtle in political analysis.”

Maria Irene Fornes, by Scott Cummings, 2013